Ice Cream

Non-dairy Frozen Goodness

If you’ve ever been to Farfar’s, you know the great pride we take in making the creamiest, most delicious ice cream possible. You may also know that we still use the original recipes which were created by Farfar himself, (Walter Simonsen) over 40 years ago, when the shop first opened.

Well… we’re excited to share that we’re working on some new recipes, for our customers who have asked for non-dairy options.

Small, craft batches of non-dairy Farfar’s flavors are here! We will be crafting new flavors and possibly using a variety of non-dairy options as we learn how the different flavors interact with one another. Our goal is to create the creamiest & tastiest non-dairy frozen goodness, possible!

As we kick off this adventure, there are 3 things we want you to know up front:

  1. The ingredients are currently more expensive than dairy. Maybe as demand increases, the prices will drop, but for 2019 a non-dairy flavor will cost more than our original flavors.
  2. Our non-dairy flavors are made in the machine that also makes our dairy flavors and there’s a whole lotta dairy in the shop, so even with all the care we will take, cross-contamination is a possibility.
  3. We are not going into the health food business; we’re all about sweet treats! (keto / paleo / wheat grass aren’t in the forecast)

We are so excited to share these small crafted creations with our customers who need non-dairy options. And we’re looking forward to seeing where this adventure leads us as we experiment. (the sampling has been a delicious job so far!)

Happy tasting!