Farfar is Danish for grandfather, or ‘father’s father’.  ♥  ORDER ONLINE

Farfar’s was named for Walter Simonsen, a first generation Danish-American, father of Andra Carleton and grandfather to Jason Carleton.

Walter spent a lifetime developing methods and recipes for making superior ice cream and was something of a legend in the ice cream industry.  He worked for HP Hood, where he created many of the ice cream recipes and in the 1970’s developed frozen yogurt (aka frogurt – for those old enough to remember).

Farfar’s ice cream recipes haven’t changed since the shop first opened its doors on June 16, 1979.  The ice cream is still made fresh, on site, with the finest ice cream ingredients and has been named “Best of …” numerous times.

Farfar’s is still a local-family owned and operated business and employs dozens of local high school and college students, each year.

You can taste all of your favorite flavors at Farfar’s and the delicious, new flavors have been added over the years, too.