When you step up to the counter at Farfar’s, you can’t miss the banners of all of the colleges that our employees have attended. We’re so proud of all of the young adults who have been part of our family and of where they’ve gone from here.

Each spring we receive many questions about working at Farfar’s. So here’s the scoop…

Before we open new hiring, we see how many employees from the previous year are returning. Most of our team returns, so often we don’t have many openings in the spring, but there are usually a few.

When we do have openings, we hire responsible, self-motivated, young adults who are 16 years or older. We hire staff that is available to work a flexible schedule, ideally through the fall, until we close in December. (Often students who play multiple sports don’t have enough availability.)

During the season: Individuals interested in working at Farfar’s should come to the shop when we are open and ask if a manager is on duty. If there is a manager on duty, they will provide available hiring information. If there isn’t a manager on duty, the staff will let you know the best time to check back. (As a policy, we do not have any hiring conversations with parents of potential employees.)